Mr Fluffy block design process Pt2

Site split R1

Fig 1 Site plan subdivision

Fig 1 Site plan subdivision

This is the second post on how we go about designing a new dwelling on a Mr Fluffy block or an existing block where you want to add a second dwelling.

At this stage we need to propose a line to split the block to do this we need to determine a split that gives us the desired plot ratios.

  1. 50% building to 50% land in some cases
  2. In this case 50% for the fron block and 35% for the rear block.

When considering the split we need to keep in mind that a 3 bedroom house with ensuite will be approx 120sqm + 18sqm for a garage. In this case we needed aprox 395 sqm.

This gives us a starting point for the next part in developing a suitable floor plan.

the ACTPLA site has more has more information and Mr fluffy blocks next auction registrations CIVIUM

In part 3 we will go through the next stage of design development in developing a suitable floor plan

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