Mr Fluffy block design process Pt1

Site plan start edit

Fig 1 Site plan measured

This will be the first post on how we go about designing a new dwelling on a Mr Fluffy block or an existing block where you want to add a second dwelling.

The first step is to have a site survey completed by a registered surveyor ( we also need to measure the sag on the any overhead lines and convert that information into a measured site plan.

At this stage and in this particular case there was an existing 2 story house already on the block so what else do we need to work out.

  1. Easements; we need to provide access to these and maintain clearance from the proposed new building.
  2. Northern boundary’s; we need to keep an eye on these as in the ACT there is a requirement to maintain solar access to the adjoining property.
  3. Trees; In the ACT trees are regulated when they reach a certain size it can be difficult to gain approvals to remove a regulated tree and the design need to be done to keep these where possible. (separate applications are required)
  4. Driveways; New driveway entry’s on the verge need to take the location of storm water pits and sight lines into account.(separate applications are required)
  5. Clearance to all boundary’s and building zones, generally you are allowed 1 zero boundary but this needs to be a non habitable room such as a garage.
  6. Plot ratios; Building areas need to be carefully worked out as this is a mandatory requirement and can be 50 or 35% of the split block this depends on a number of factors one of which is the width of street frontage. Their a number of ways to increase the allowable floor area through careful design and each will depend on all the constraints outlined so far.

the ACTPLA site has more has more information and Mr fluffy blocks next auction registrations CIVIUM

In part 2 we will go through the next stage of design development and propose a site split for the new dwelling

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